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Are you a fan of Casino Jackpots? Have you always dreamt of winning massive amounts of money? Then Jackpot Slots is definitely your type of slot. The winnings from the progressive jackpots are often in the millions and the biggest winning so far was for over 17 million euros which were paid out from the big favourite Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot. We can’t even begin to imagine what that player must have felt or how he reacted, but we can guarantee you one thing, his life changed in just a few seconds.

Most of us have at one point dreamt about winning the jackpots and what we would have done with all the money, because it does actually happen quite often that just a regular casino player manages to take home these type of jackpots and you don’t even have to bet large amounts of money to win, most jackpots are paid out from quite small bets. On this page, we’ll go through how Progressive jackpot slots work and where you can find them. We’ve also listed all the Most Popular Slots in 2024 along with their respective RTP(Return to Player), bet sizing options as well as our personal ratings.

These Are the Best Progressive Slots in 2024

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Progressive Jackpots – How Do They Work?

Growing jackpots, also called progressive, are jackpots that grow bigger and bigger until one winner eventually takes it all. How they are filled up varies depending on the slot. A progressive jackpot can be tied to a certain slot and be fed by all the games in the same title, for example, all the Mega Moolah games, this is very common within casinos. Another type is the local progressive jackpot which is tied to the casino and only that casino has that particular jackpot. But the most common type of progressive jackpot is constantly being fed up by players that play that slot across all the casinos that offer that slot until one player eventually wins it all. When you hear about extremely large growing jackpots it’s usually jackpots that aren’t tied to a certain online casino but these global progressive jackpots that are offered on many different casinos.

NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech are all examples of game providers that has these type of progressive jackpots with jackpot networks where their slots share the jackpots across multiple different casinos. When a jackpot is won by a player the total jackpot rarely goes down to zero since not a lot of players would be interested in playing if there were no rewards, that’s why many of the casino providers has put up a minimum limit of how small the jackpot can be. For some progressive jackpots, this minimum limit is hundred thousands of euro.

How Do You Win a Casino Jackpot?

Gambling is mostly trying out your luck and then see what happens, and that’s what it all boils down to in the end. But it doesn’t hurt to keep yourself informed about how jackpots work, how they grow and what games you should play to get maximum payout. Striving for a big jackpot win is something that is obvious for most players, who wouldn’t want to win millions and change their lives in an instant, but playing should be fun as well.

Today there are hundreds of different games with exciting themes, different bonus functions and features together with a huge progressive jackpot that is hiding behind the wheels. Gambling is all about fun and keeping it at a healthy level if you’re not having fun when playing it’s time to look over your gambling habits and figure out why you’re playing in the first place. Finding games that you like and are comfortable with is an important ingredient when it comes to reaching the casino jackpot that you’ve always dreamt about since you become more engaged in the game than if you’re not even enjoying it in the first place.

How you actually win the jackpots vary from game to game, some games have bonus rounds with a pick and click feature where you need to find the jackpots behind hidden objects while other games send you to a wheel where you need to reach the middle. No matter what type of game or bonus it is, it all comes down to luck in the end and there’s no real skill involved except knowing how the games works, what games to play for maximum payout and when to stop.

Most people are amused by the idea by the idea of winning a jackpot and to be one of the chosen whose life will be changed forever. To be thousands or even millions of euro richer on just a couple of seconds is a fantasy for many, but nothing says that it can’t become reality. Something you need to know before you start playing, however, is that the chances of actually taking home a jackpot are extremely slim and it’s okay to dream, but don’t expect to ever win one. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try though, you miss all the shots that you don’t take. If you’re gonna try winning a progressive jackpot we strongly recommend using a Casino Bonus for some extra money to your balance, you’ll find the Best Casino Bonuses in 2024 here at Slotsoo.

Local Progressive Jackpots

These type of jackpots are a bit different than the progressive jackpots. A local jackpot is a type of progressive jackpot that only exists on that particular casino, this means that the jackpot on that slot is only being built up by players from the same casino. This usually means that the jackpot amounts will be much smaller than the global progressive jackpots but it’s usually also easier to trigger them.

A good example of a slot that has local jackpots is Divine Fortune, this is why you’ll see that this slot has different jackpots when you go to different casinos and that’s why it’s important to research where this slot has the biggest Mega jackpot right now if you plan on playing it so you have the potential for max payout if you were to win.

Fixed jackpots are jackpots that have fixed payout amounts. This means that you’ll always win the same amount of you manage to hit the different jackpots and there’s no progressive build up by players. These jackpot slots are usually much easier to trigger than the progressive ones but not as common or as popular because people who play jackpot slots aims for the big amounts instead.

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