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Do you remember the rush of being at a real land-based casino like Bellagio? The party, the action, and just the feeling that is in the air. Now you can experience that feeling at home from your own computer. Playing live casino online is as close as Bellagio as you can come. The quality and feel of the games are also constantly increasing. So what really is a live casino? It’s actually really simple. You’re invited to a Casino studio where you virtually get to follow the games at a table, for example, a blackjack table. You’re then dealt real cards by a real live dealer and you can make all your decisions in real time. If you’re feeling social or if you have any questions you can chat with the dealer and the players next to you. Live Casino exists in many different languages today and the industry is constantly expanding with better technology, more table games and more languages.

In the list below we’ve listed the best table games right now together with their RTP, bet limits and our personal ratings. We’ll be keeping this page up-to-date (which we update monthly) with only the best Live Casino and Table Games for 2024, so make sure to stay for a while and check back regularly!

These Are the Best Live Casino Games Right Now

Live Casino

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Live Casino Games

I think we can all agree that it’s a huge difference in playing against a real human and against a computer. It’s not so weird that the Live Casino got so popular so quick when it was released and it literally made the players rush to get in on the action. The experience of playing just got to a completely new level and the amount of live casino tables has constantly been increasing for every month since Live Casino was first introduced.

Playing Live Casino Online gives you completely different opportunities and this can be experienced wherever you are, as long as you have a stable internet connection. It’s easier to learn the game when you’re playing online than when you’re playing at a real casino and it’s also a way to learn how to make decisions and some basic strategies since you get more time to act. It’s also impossible to do any wrong decisions since the system won’t let you and you won’t be making any weird signs that throw the dealer off. Live Casino is the perfect place to make you more secure with your game before you decide to go to a land-based casino.

An Exciting Future Awaits

The limits of technology are constantly being pushed and Live Casino today definitely isn’t like it was a few years ago when it was first released. The big Live Casino providers such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming are constantly upgrading their software and releasing new things within the industry, their platforms today are very advanced and it honestly looks great and gives that feeling of being at a real land based casino. In their games, you’ll find professional dealers and the graphics are outstanding. There is still a lot of development to be seen in the future, a good example is the VR(Virtual Reality) technology which will allow the players to actually step into a virtual casino which will be exactly like a real casino. Imagine walking around along the Las Vegas Strip and choosing between all the exciting casinos you’ll find there. Maybe you wanna sit down by the poker tables or experience the roulette tables together with tons of other players.

Live Casino is the latest trend when it comes to gambling online and game developers are constantly coming up with new things to be one step ahead in the development, all to satisfy the customers like you. The gambling market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world right now with multiple billions in turnovers. The money exists, and the innovation power as well. Only the future holds the answer to what we’ll see next.

Live Casino on Tablets and Mobile

Recently all the game developers started making all their software in HTML5 as well which means that you can experience Live Casino in your tablets and mobile devices. Being able to play Live Casino on your mobile is an important factor for players who travel a lot or just don’t have access to a normal computer and lately more and more live games have become accessible from both mobile and tablets. The development is positively moving forward and in the future we expect the software to be just as good on mobile devices as computers and we think that this is something that the providers has very high on their priorities considering the amount of casino players who play through their mobile phones.

If you want to access live casino through your mobile device all you have to do is navigate to any casino that you find in our lists that offers Live Casino through the mobile web browser. You then open any of the table games that they offer and let it load, you’ll then be faced with many different tables where you can choose to observe other players or pick your own seat and play for yourself. The bet limits are usually different from table to table so make sure to pick a seat at a table with the limits that fits your gambling habits. There are definitely some disadvantages to playing on your mobile phone compared to playing on a computer but if you can look past them then there’s really no problems at all as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Advantages to Live Casino

The most obvious advantage to Live Casino is that you get the feeling of playing at a real casino against a physical dealer instead of playing against a computer or software. The feeling is as close to a real casino as it gets, you can talk to the dealer and be social with the other players at the table and you can guarantee that it’s all legit since you see the dealer dealing the cards that have been shuffled multiple times. It’s also really exciting and fun and that’s the biggest reason that anyone plays table games, to begin with. The dealers that exist and works on live casinos are very experienced and professional and have a lot of time in the industry, they’re also dressed after a set dress code to keep it professional and to uphold the high standards. Something we can’t forget is that taking part in a really good casino bonus also increases your odds of winning big at the tables.

Another big advantage to Live Casino is that you get to skip all the disadvantages of going to a real casino, it can feel very stressful and you have to deal with loud and drunk people, if you’re not super confident in your table games playing online also lets you learn at your own pace and you can’t do anything wrong since you have all the options presented to you and you get plenty of time to think about your next move. Not everyone has a land based casino close by so staying home in your comfortable sofa while getting to experience real casino action is amazing and you don’t have to think about dressing up or going out at all.

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