Casino Streaming Start Guide

You want to become the next big casino streamer? In this article, we will tell you all about the phenomenon of casino streaming and its many sides. We will also go over how you, yourself, can start your very own online livestream, and what equipment and preparations you need to do.

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What is Casino Streaming?

In a nutshell, casino streaming is the act of streaming your online casino gameplay on the Internet for other people to see. This allows for online gambling to become a more social experience with slot machine fans commenting on each other’s gameplay and spurring each other on. At the same time, people can also get to know a bunch of new slots and see how they actually work in real life.

For the streamer, casino streaming can be a lucrative business where they get paid for bringing new customers to their promoted brands.

Background of Casino Streaming

As you may know, in addition to casino streaming, all kinds of streaming have become extremely popular in the past decade or so. More and more people are taking to the World Wide Web to stream their video games, sporting events, conversations, and pretty much everything you can think of.

One of the major benefits of live-streaming content is being able to take your audience on a ride with you. While there are still many interesting TV shows being broadcasted on national television, the big money in advertising tends to nowadays be in live content. After all, live content is usually being digested as it happens, which means that the public cannot as easily record it, watch it back, or skip the commercials.

Casino streaming is born from this same phenomenon, of people with a desire to watch things live. What is more, it just so happens that the rise of live streaming has coincided with the rise in popularity of online casino gaming. Neither phenomenon would have been possible without advanced technology, so it only makes sense for them to also complement each other in the form of what is called online casino streaming.

Famous Casino Streamers

Below is a table listing some of the most famous casino streamers in Europe. have a look at what their channels to find some inspiration!

1 Roshtein Twitch, YouTube Sweden Biggest casino streamer in the world
2 Jarttu84 Twitch, YouTube Finland Long-time Finnish streamer
3 CasinoDaddy Twitch, YouTube Sweden A group of casino players
4 ClassyBeef Twitch Malta A large group of casino players
5 Trainwreckstv Kick United States Known for his philanthtropy
6 CasinoGrounds Youtube Various World’s largest casino streaming community with multiple streamers
7 AngelMelly Twitch, Youtube Australia Female streamer known also for her looks

Platforms for Casino Live Streaming

In order to start your casino streaming career, you will first need to choose a platform you wish to use to stream online casino games. While there are a few different options out there, the three biggest ones are YouTube, Twitch, and Kick. All of these platforms offer 100% free casino streaming both for the streamer and the audience.

In this section, we will give you more information on these three gigantic services as well as their online casino streaming scenes.

YouTube Casino Streaming

Launched in February 2005, YouTube is an incredibly popular online video-sharing platform. Nowadays, close to 1000 hours of video content is being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, and tons and tons of live content is also always readily available.

When it comes to casino streaming, YouTube might not always be your best pick. The online video platform’s terms of usage are a bit on the complex side, which means that streamers will need to be very careful with sticking within the guidelines. For instance, sharing links to casinos in your live stream description could be interpreted as you wanting to take people away from YouTube. So while it is indeed possible to stream online casino games on YouTube, you should be discreet about it to make sure your channel does not suddenly get deleted.

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Pros and cons of streaming on YouTube

  • People from just about all demographics use YouTube
  • You can also upload on-demand content
  • YouTube terms and conditions are complex
  • If your channel gets deleted appealing the decision will be difficult

Twitch Casino Streaming

Launched in June 2011, Twitch is a streaming platform exclusively designed for live streaming content. Twitch has since especially become known as a platform of choice for those wanting to show off their video game skills and broadcast esports events. So while YouTube is kind of a jack-of-all-trades as a video service, Twitch remains focused almost solely on live content.

For online casino streamers, Twitch is a much safer platform than YouTube. Historically speaking, Twitch has been seen as more lenient and less regulatory than its on-demand-focused counterpart. This, of course, makes sense, given that live videos cannot be regulated as easily as content that is being uploaded into the system in larger chunks. Even on Twitch, though, it is always best to see how successful streamers are going about their streaming instead of going all-in with adverts and links.

twitch streaming

Pros and cons of streaming on Twitch

  • Twitch terms and conditions are welcoming to casino streamers
  • Lots of people who like to play games use Twitch
  • More competition than on YouTube
  • Fewer people from certain demographics

Kick Casino Streaming

Kick is a considerably newer streaming platform than YouTube and Twitch. In fact, Kick has only been around since December 1st, 2022. The service was founded as a competitor to Twitch.

The biggest advantage of Kick over its competitors is a more lucrative profit margin. Streamers are only being charged 5% of their total revenue per month, where as Twitch is taking 50%. This is a major reason for Kick’s quick surge in popularity, with big streamers switching platforms to earn more revenue. In June 2023, only 6 months after its inception, Kick already averaged 235,000 livestreams per day.


kick streaming

Pros and cons of streaming on Kick

  • Kick is backed by Stake Casino and is known for looser moderation
  • Kick is still in its infancy which means making a name for yourself may be easier
  • Kick has fewer users than its competitors meaning it could be more difficult to attract viewers

Introducing Live Spins: A Special Streaming Feature

Since its introduction, online casino streaming has become a massive part of the online gambling industry. More and more people like to watch their favorite streamers play while they look for inspiration at the same time. It was only a matter of time, then, that someone would somehow try to take advantage of the phenomenon and turn it into something even more entertaining and lucrative for everyone involved.

In 2021, at the iGaming NEXT summit in Malta, the CEO of HappyHour Robin Reed introduced the world to a feature called Live Spins. With the help of this feature, casino stream viewers can bet behind their favorite casino streamers, thus making it possible for them to get in on the action.

live gambling

Svenbet Casino is one example of a casino that offers Live Spins. When playing here, you can choose to participate in the stream and bet as much or as little money as you want. If the casino streamer on screen wins money, it means you get to win money too with your bets. So, in essence, you will not be sharing the cash with the streamer but it is instead as if you were playing the same game on your device at the same time—and had the exact same luck.

Live Spins is a groundbreaking tool that allows viewers to put even more of their skin in the game. Instead of only being able to enjoy the streamer winning, you can actually share the good moments as well as the bad moments with them.

If you want, you can also join Live Spins as a streamer yourself. To do this, you should click on the link and go join their crew. As a Live Spins streamer, you will be able to negotiate what is being dubbed a ”competitive monthly salary.

How to Get Started as a Casino Streamer

Starting your career as a casino streamer is fairly easy, yet it requires you to pay attention to certain things.

Below is a list of some of the things you need to do to start your own casino streaming journey. After the list, we will go over each step in even more detail.

  • Getting started with the right tech
  • Making deals
  • Setting up your stream
  • Streaming in itself
  • Growing your audience

Step #1: Getting Started with the Right Tech

The first thing you will need to take care of as an aspiring streamer is having the right set-up. For you to be able to livestream your casino gameplay, you will need to get at least the following equipment:

  • Decent computer Price: €1,000 or so. This is essential so that you can both stream and play casino games at the same time while still putting out excellent quality. Mobile streaming is not advisable or even possible as it would be impossible to record yourself while playing on a touch screen.
  • Great microphone Price: €60+. You will be narrating your casino experience to the world with your microphone. Unless your microphone has crisp and clear sound, people might not want to hear you talk.
  • Good camera Price: €50+. Most online casino streamers appear in front of their webcam. This is important so that the viewers can see your expressions and sympathize with you better when you are winning or losing.
  • Green screen Price: €40. A green screen is not mandatory, but it may give your streams a more professional feel.
  • Appropriate lighting Price: Depends on the equipment. If your face or background is too dark, your viewers are sure to notice. Sitting in front of a window and streaming during daylight can be helpful to cut down on the cost for this specific one.

Investing in high-quality equipment is imperative for you to attract viewers in the competitive streaming market. Even just neglecting proper lighting can be a difference between your viewers watching you or finding someone else to follow. The good thing is, tech today is not all that expensive.

Step #2: Making Deals

The number one most effective way for you to make money while casino streaming is by becoming an affiliate. A casino affiliate’s job is to channel new players to the casino brands that they are promoting. In the online gaming industry, there are three main types of deals available:

  • CPA (cost per acquisition) With CPA deals, you are getting paid a fixed fee based on every new customer you bring to your promoted brand. This fee may be, for example, €50. Attracting 10 new customers would therefore pay you €500.
  • Rev share Rev share or revenue share deals see the casino paying you a certain percentage of what the customers you bring lose at the casino. For instance, if your rev share percentage is 35% and your audience loses €1000, you will end up making €350 in total.
  • Hybrid Hybrid deals are any combination of CPA and revenue share. For instance, you could receive a 15% rev share as well as €15 per every new customer/acquisition.

We would recommend new streamers to focus on CPA deals. These deals will give you 100% certain profits, whereas rev share deals are more about long-term wealth and prosperity. More often than not, rev share percentages start very low and only go up if you can bring massive numbers of people to the casino.

There are also two other ways to make money with your casino streams. These are signing up to Live Spins (we already mentioned this above) and enabling donations. Certain viewers may want to support their content creators, which means enabling donations could get you at least some extra money here and there.

Step #3: Setting up Your Stream

Setting up your stream consists of multiple things. Firstly, you will need to get affiliate links from your partners and put them somewhere where your audience can see them. Secondly, you have to familiarize yourself with your streaming software of choice.

Streamlabs OBS is one popular, free option. Others include Restream which enables multistreaming into several platforms at the same time, as well as Streamlabs. Both Restream and Streamlabs have both free and premium versions available with more perks and features.

Finally, you want to make sure the things people see and hear are of high quality. This could include paying someone to make you a nice, sleek interface. Visuals are, of course, an integral part of viewer satisfaction.

Step #4: Streaming Itself

This is where the actual magic happens!

When streaming, you should make it a habit to communicate with your viewers with your microphone and ask them about their day. Your viewers, on the other hand, will be able to answer and ask questions via text-based chat. At first, it may be tough to engage viewers, but over time, your viewers might even develop relationships amongst themselves with your stream slowly becoming their preferred meeting place.

Online casino streaming is not only about showing the audience cool games, but interacting with them and building a good community, too. You should also listen to your viewers’ wishes on what games to play.

When playing the actual games, try to be positive and keep the energy high enough. This will make players more interested in tuning in.

Step #5: Growing Your Audience

Growing your audience is an important part of casino streaming. It is recommended to keep a streaming schedule so your viewers know when to come to see you again. On top of this, you might also start some social media channels for your stream. Platforms such as X, Instagram, and TikTok are great for showing off some of your greatest wins and most entertaining clips.


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The Boring Stuff: Casino Streaming and Taxes

Before we finish this guide to becoming a casino live streamer, we need to talk about the boring part: taxation. It is essential to know that casino streaming is rarely a tax-free venture. We encourage you to check your country’s laws and regulations pertaining to taxation. Typically, you will need to pay either corporate tax or income tax based on the amount of your streaming revenue and how you have set up your business.

All this bureaucracy can be quite a high obstacle for entry. “Do I really have to register myself as self employed before I even know if I will get any followers and deals with casinos?” is a common question. One tip is to start by streaming free slots play and see if you can grow a following.

You can also use different invoice services to avoid having to register yourself as an entrepreneur. These types of solutions take quite heavy provision from every invoice, so they are not optimal for the long run. But they are a good idea when you want to dip your toes into something new.

Slotsoo wishes you good luck in your casino streamer journey!

My name is Markus and I’m the head writer for both the English and Swedish version of Slotsoo. Online slots has been a dear hobby of mine for many years so I’m happy to have found a job in this field. I like to hunt for new MGA casino since they tend to give the best value for my money without safety risks or tax complications thanks to EU.
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