How to Navigate Curaçao’s New Gaming Law

In the second part of our Curaçao interview series, we got the chance to talk with Alexandra Shepelevich, Chief Legal Officer at Alpha Affiliates, about how to navigate the upcoming law change. She predicts that there will be some teething issues in the beginning and that some operators will end up leaving the license because of the higher fees and stricter regulations, but emphasizes that it will be worth it in the long run.

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1. Why did you choose the Curaçao license for your online casino?

Curaçao has historically been an attractive jurisdiction for iGaming operators due to its business-friendly regulatory environment and licensing system. Firstly, Curaçao’s licensing process is reputable, relatively straightforward, and cost-effective compared to licenses from other jurisdictions. It’s a highly sought-after choice for online casino operators, mainly due to the reasonable application fees and lower tax rates, making it an economically viable option.

The regulatory requirements provide a balance between player protection and operational freedom. Compliance standards are structured to maintain integrity, offering assurance to players regarding fair play and security measures, while also providing operators with a level of independence in their business operations.

This license isn’t just recognised in one region. It’s acknowledged globally, opening the doors to a more extensive player base across multiple jurisdictions. With a Curaçao casino license, companies like ours are able to offer our services to many markets around the world, creating great opportunities for operators and affiliates. And, with the new regulations that have recently been instituted, the license goes further to ensure a safe and transparent environment for responsible gaming – something we support.

In addition to the above, the Curaçao license also offers the following advantages:

  • No tax on winnings: Online casinos licensed in Curaçao do not have to pay tax on their winnings. This is a significant advantage over other jurisdictions, where online casinos are subject to high taxes on their profits.
  • No restrictions on player nationality: Online casinos licensed in Curaçao can accept players from all over the world. This is a major advantage for online casinos, which want to reach as large an audience as possible.
  • Strong regulatory framework: Curaçao has a strong regulatory framework in place for online gambling. This ensures that online casinos licensed in Curaçao are fair and safe for players.

Overall, the Curaçao license is a good option for online casinos that are looking for a quick and easy licensing process, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and a good reputation.

2. How do you feel about Curaçao’s upcoming new license system and law?

We believe the LOK, otherwise known as the National Ordinance for Games of Chance, is a great development toward a responsible and well-regulated gaming environment that complies with international standards and ensures safer practice. As the new law better aligns with EU jurisdictions and licenses (Slotsoo’s note: for example MGA casinos), it naturally imposes greater barriers to entry. However, barriers are not always a bad thing. Not only will this improve the overall safety of this industry, but it also reduces the chances for illicit behaviour and collaboration.

That being said, new guidelines will bring about significant changes for those already holding licenses under the CGA as well as for those looking to purchase a new one. While higher application fees will encourage only those serious about igaming to participate, it could also cause certain obstacles and challenges. For instance, master licensees will no longer be able to issue a sublicense, meaning all individual companies must now finance a new one, which can incur significant fees.

More importantly, operators will need to fully accustom themselves to a new way of running their business, and risk losing revenue due to these higher fees, which may cause short-term issues. Still, of course, any change requires adaptation and the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term obstacles. Ultimately, we believe that these new guidelines open the door for new opportunities within an already thriving market, and foster a more transparent and competitive environment for operators to develop in.

We welcome the new framework. Having a respected, compliant, and improved license will only strengthen trust in our brand and operations long-term.

3. What challenges do you see with Curaçao casinos, both now and in the future?

The previous system allowed operators to purchase master licenses and sell sublicenses to third-party operators. For casinos, this means they are no longer able to use a sublicense granted by another provider, but they must purchase their own. This sharing system allowed for collaborations between various platforms and enabled them to develop their products. As a result, many may experience delays in new releases.

Due to higher fees, Curaçao may see a drop in operators applying for a new license, which could impact the market. On top of this, the stricter regulations could cause operators to experience various issues while adapting to the new way of running their business.

However, while there are some near-term challenges, embracing the changes will lead to a more sustainable and reputable licensing environment long-term. We at Alpha Affiliates continue to see the promise for Curaçao casinos – once teething issues have been resolved and the sector adapts, the future looks bright.

This is Alpha Affiliates

Alpha Affiliates has more than a decade of industry experience from running online casinos and have won several industry awards over the years. Most recently, they were crowned as the Affiliate Network of the Year by AffPapa. Here at Slotsoo, we agree that they are a good partner and we also think that they offer many interesting casinos for EU players,

Currently, their portfolio include 13 different websites, all with a Curaçao license. Rakoo is one of the newest additions and was launched in 2023. This site is a truly international casino, targeting four different continents (Europe, South America, North America and Oceania).

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